Nokia Asha 303 Red

Made in China comes the series 40 smartphone Asha 303. maximum of 3.5g this is a new phone and is classy and runs fast indeed. 100mb usuable memory with 1ghz processor, microsd support to 32gb so enough for your photos and music. 47hours of music are quoted per battery charge. 3.2mpix camera on the back and a selection of colours are available. Mine was boxed graphite and was red inside. 99grams of weight and has face detection on the camera. A little hard to type for the bigger fingered people shall we say. IM, Email, SMS, push messages all supported. Twitter, Facebook amongst others are integrated so it is a socially savvy phone. Price weighs in at a hefty 160-180euro depending on exchange rate but for the price you have quite a loaded mobile.
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TSC’s Gary Krakow gives Nokia’s e71 a thorough workout and says it’s one of the best smartphones on the market today and gives iPhones, BlackBerries, Palms and Google phones a run for their money. Get our FREE BlackBerry application:
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26 Responses to “Nokia Asha 303 Red”

  1. Ithinkishouldcoco on February 20th, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    great job, nice overview!

  2. i have had mine for almost 2 years and no complaints yet i love it

  3. Straight talk sells them or used to

  4. @AmbivalentAbyss Hey do you know how to change the language in nokia E71…???
    Please reply soon….!

  5. Yes, the Nokia e 71 is great. I love this phone. :)

  6. these nokias are still the same layout from 90s ,really bland

  7. Great phone, buy it at walmart and get unlimited talk, text, and internet through straight talk for 45.00 a month

  8. So would the 3g work off of verizon?

  9. Great smartphone. Still a great smartphone.

  10. @ak47s762 u press and hold the red buttin at the top!

  11. they have this for straight talk

  12. One By MEtallica

  13. Its Really cheap here in Australia just got if of a 19 buck cap

  14. how the fuck do you turn it on?!?!

  15. I have had this phone for about 2 months now and still finding new things it can do. This phone is by far one of the best phones ever made.

  16. nokia app is like in the early 90s not like blackberry bold and iphone 4

  17. I have the Straight Talk version of this phone. It costs $45 a month and it is awesome. Much cheaper than any other smartphone and it really performs as advertised.

  18. To any one contemplating buying this phone go ahead and buy it have this phone for five months and it is amazing it does so much and more if you know how to use the features way better than a blackberry nokia e71 a10 plus ten

  19. unlock all phones –> misophones . com

  20. HOLY @#$% I just purchased this device to do something pretty awesome with the part it has inside ( SIM ). then I was directed to toss it into a drawer and “fugghedabout it”.
    Now I am rethinking getting this sucker out of my sock drawer and taking it for a real test drive. See how it compares to my other “Smart iPhone”.

  21. Is this the impossible song from guitar hero?! D:

  22. I got mine through “Straight Talk” at Walmart for $199. I have had it for about 2 months and LOVE IT!!!

  23. dose the Nokia have pre loaded msn like the black berry??????

  24. got mine for $267 with $45 unlimited plan from straighttalk, thats including tax. get the phone everthing there saying is true

  25. lol I have both BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Nokia e71. They’re both amazing :D
    My e71 has been with me since 2008. I accidentally dropped it a lot of times and I even on water but it’s still alive! lol

  26. haha got mine for $214.00

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