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Nexus One, Nokia X6 coming to South Korea in June

Like Japan, South Korea has a wireless industry that’s typically leaps and bounds ahead of just about everywhere else in the world — but the country has never been a Symbian or Android stronghold, so it’s actually not much of a surprise that two big recent releases are just now heading over there this Summer. [...]

Firefox 1.1 beta for Maemo goes live

The N900 already features one of the best pocket browsing experiences we’ve ever seen, but it looks to be getting a whole lot better today with the beta release of Firefox 1.1. Major new features include portrait browsing (awesome), form auto-complete, a context menu, volume key zoom, and — this is pretty neat — the [...]

Nokia X2 welcomes Series 40 to the Xseries fold

A number of Series 40 devices were branded with Nokia’s “XpressMusic” label back in the day, so why not Xseries, too? Well, Nokia must be on the same page, because it has just announced the X2 candybar without a trace of smartphone DNA to its name. The relatively low-end phone clocks in with a 5 [...]

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